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  1. Cookies

To ensure the proper functioning of this website, we sometimes place in your computer small data files, known as cookies. Most large websites do this.


  1. What cookies are?

A cookie is a small text file which a website stores in your computer or mobile device, when you visit it. The cookie allows the website to „remember” your actions or preferences for a time period (login, language, character size and other display preferences). Therefore, you no longer have to reenter them whenever you come back to the website or navigate from one page to another.

Basically, cookies contain information sent by your browser server, allowing the server to store data that can be updated and recovered by the entity responsible for their installation.


  1. How we use cookies?

We use cookies for the proper performance of the website or for certain functionalities of it, to make it easier to use (reminder of user preferences) and to better adapt our website and products to User's interests and needs.

Cookies can also be used to help you simplify your future activities and experience on our website.

We also use cookies to create / to compile anonymous and aggregate statistics that allow us to understand how users use our website and help us improve our structure and content.

In most cases, cookies do not directly identify Internet users, but the device from which they accessed certain webpages.

We cannot identify you personally through information collected through cookies, and also, cookies cannot read data or other existing files in your device.


  1. Types of cookies used

In general, cookies can be classified:

  • By the entity that manages them:
    • First-party cookies (in this case, of Audatex Hungary);
    • Third-party cookies (other person’s).
  • By lifespan – the period in which it remains active on your computer:
    • Session cookies – which are erased when the user closes the browser;
    • Persistent cookies – which remains on the user’s computer / device for a pre-defined period of time, established either intrinsically by the cookie (maximum 365 days) or by the settings of your browser.
  • By the purpose:
    • Technical cookies (required for navigation);
    • Customization cookies (allow access to the website with a number of features set by the user);
    • Analysis cookies (allow analysis and tracking of user behavior);
    • Advertising cookies (management of advertising spaces);
    • Behavioral advertising cookies (advertising on the website).


Detailed information about the cookies use:








Activate cookies 



Necessary for session browsing, keep alive. 



Anonymized data analytics service 



Necessary for session browsing , keep alive. 



Necessary for session browsing , keep alive. 



Token to prevent cross site scripting attacks 



Necessary for session browsing , keep alive. 


  1. How can you control cookies?

You can control and / or delete cookies as you wish – for details, consult the website.

You can delete all cookies from your computer and set most browsers to block their placement. If you do this, you may need to manually set some preferences, each time you visit the website. Also, some services or options may not work.

You can set your browser options so that cookies are no longer accepted or you can set your browser not to accept cookies from a specific website.

Settings that provide the possibility of disabling / deleting cookies are usually found in the „Options” menu or in the „Preferences” menu of your internet browser.

To understand these settings, the following links may be useful. Otherwise, users can use the browser’s „help” option for more details.

Google Chrome Cookie Settings

Internet Explorer Cookie Settings

Microsoft Edge Cookie Settings

Firefox Cookie Settings

Safari Cookie Setting